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  • iPad Pro 12.9″ Screen Replacement Start to Finish
  • Galaxy Tab 4 8″ (SM-T337A) Charging Port Replacement
  • PS4 HDMI Port Replacement
  • iPad Mini Charging Port Replacement

What Problems Can Charging Port Repair?

Broken Screen Repair

Broken Glass and Broken LCD Issues

Battery Issues

Phone taking to long to charge or draining fast

Charger Issues

Phone taking to long to charge, not charging, or loose connection

Headphone Jack Issues

Sound only plays on one side, no sound, or loose connection

Speaker Issues

Distorted sound, no sound, or very low sound

Why Choose Us?


Same Day Repairs


Superior Warranty


Expert Staff


No Fix, No Fee


  • "Went with husband and daughter to get several services done. My iPhone was in desperate need of a screen to replace the cracked one. They took care of me right away with a new screen and the screen protection cover as well. It looks and works as good if not better as when I first bought it. The service was fast good quality and the price was great. I highly recommend this place."

    Ani Rue

  • "Good stuff!! I am grateful to being referred here through “Komputer Zone” by Tim. Luis is a good guy and basically fixed my laptop charging issues. He was able to swap out my memory hard drive to another compatible laptop. It made my day and my new laptop works great! The prices were good too and they work well with their customers"

    Cameron Alexander

  • "I was turned away from a few cell phone repair shops, saying “we can’t fix your issues or it will take at least a week or so to able to fix your issue”. I never gave up i continued to call around and I found Charging Port in Durham and give them a call. Within minutes he had my phone fixed with no problems. If you need anything fixed computer, phone or iPod, please go to Charging Port in Durham for sure. They are the best ever in town. Thanks again y’all!!!"

    Khris Shaw

  • "Tim and Luis saved me $1,000 today. My car AC has been broken in the summer heat for over a week, but they fixed at less than 5% of the $1,000+ the Toyota dealership said it would cost me thanks to some googling and creative soldering work at Komputer Zone. Specifically, they were able to do a custom soldering job on a faulty wire on a car AC circuit board in 30 minutes while I shopped. Not only were the happy to do it, but they obviously relished the opportunity to do some problem solving on an old electronic part that they don't see every day. They also made the wire connection stronger by adding some epoxy to make a moving part more durable. If you find yourself with an odd problem on an expensive electronic part, I would strongly suggest reaching out to these guys to see if they can fix your problem for less than the cost to replace the part (in my case $750+). And if you have a faulty Toyota AC from an older car (mine is from 2005), then I would DEFINITELY do some research and see if you can't just stop by for a similar custom soldering job."

    Ethan Case

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