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How To Combat Liquid Damage To Your Phone.

Water Damaged iPhone
So you've spilled something on your phone and now have liquid damage and wondering what to do? One thing for certain is that you shouldn't plug in the charger or attempt to turn on without first drying out the phone. Using the phone while there is still liquid inside, components on the motherboard could be shorting and cause further damage that may make the phone unrepairable. Rice Doesn't Work The good ol rice trick doesn't really work anymore with newer phones. Their slim and sleek design makes them more compact inside which makes it a little harder to get liquid...

Unresponsive LG Data Recovery.

Your phone carries so much data these days it's hard to imagine going a day without it. If you are an LG enthusiast or a repair shop then you have probably seen this. Your phone boot-looping going to LG logo and then powering off and on. Powering on and getting stuck at the LG Logo. Or your phone powering on and freezing or getting a message like the one shown above, "Unfortunately Android...". If you ever come across one of the scenarios and your phone is acting like a sack of potatoes your data is still there. If you ever...

Damaged Digitizer FPC Connector Huh?

Broken iPad Mini FPC Connector
Damaged FPC Connector again? Wondering what you are doing wrong? Don't worry you are not alone. I have damaged a few iPad Mini 2nd Gen FPC connectors. Even though it didn't really seem like it was  something I did wrong they still break. I have been unplugging and plugging in Screens the same way since I started doing repairs on iPad Mini 1's. We noticed that many techs have also faced this issue on iPad Mini's. Many changing the way they are unplugging the Screen only to find themselves still damaging the FPC Connector. This is a very typical problem...

Damaged Backlight During Screen Repair?

iPhone 6s Plus Damaged Backlight Repair
Getting a dim display or can seem to see the image on your iPhone after a screen replacement? It is possible the backlight circuit was damaged during repair. New and experienced technicians have gone through the dreaded damaged backlight. In some cases, many repair shops end up buying the customer a new phone. Or if someone takes it to a repair shop they are told that it can not be fixed and either has to buy a new phone or new motherboard. WRONG! Many motherboard issues like a damaged backlight circuit can be repaired by a skilled micro-soldering technician and by...

PS4 HDMI Port Repair Service

PS4 HDMI Port - Broken Pins
Have you been looking for a PS4 HDMI Port Repair Service in your area? Well, look no further cause you have come to the right place. HDMI Ports on PS4s seem to be soldered on very poorly by factory since they often break. Customers that come have said they have broken their port when unplugging their console to take to friends homes. Other Customers have said that the console was dropped while plugged in. Either way, your port is broken and you need a new so what do you do? We have successfully replaced hundreds of HDMI Ports on PS4s...