Our website is still under maintenance but we wanted to show you a few examples of what we do here at chargingport.com

Charging port is a computer, cellphone, tablet or other electronic device repair shop. We focus on things that very few select repair shops choose to do – precision repair, also known as board level repair that almost always involves soldering tiny components to logic boards, or micro-soldering. To explain what we do at charging port we will show you a couple of scenarios: Have you ever gone to a repair shop only to hear that your device is unrepairable? Ever been told you need to replace the mother board or logic board? That it is too expensive and that it is cheaper to buy another one. Have you ever been told that all your data has been lost and unrecoverable?

We get an iPhone 5,6,7, glass not broken, battery OK, charging port was already replaced by another shop and it was suggested that there is a problem with the logic board. Device deemed unrepairable. All info lost. Customer comes to us, we replace “Charging Integrated Circuit”, a chip responsible for the power from USB and in less than a day customer gets all their pictures, contacts, videos and notes back.


Here we are replacing the Charging Integrated Circuit also known as U2 on a iPhone 6. U2 is responsible for managing the current from the charging port.

Galaxy S3,4,5,6,7, or S8, glass not broken, no liquid damage, won’t turn on. Device turned away by other repair shop saying they need a new charging port, but because the “Charging port” is soldered to the logic board the only way to replace it is to replace the logic board, which costs 200-300$. We replace the charging port in under an hour, for a fraction of that price and the customer gets access to their device.


Customer brought Galaxy S3 with a badly damaged inside the charging port. Was told that was impossible to fix.

An iPad has a bad charging port, shops refuse to do them because the charging port is soldered to the logic board, it requires special skills, tools and equipment to desolder the old and solder a new charging port to it. We have it all, and we have been doing it since the iPads an iPhones first came out.


On iPad 1, 2, and 3 the Charging Port is easily replacement. On newer models such as iPad Mini and iPad Air the charging port is soldering onto the motherboard.

Your Laptop or MacBook just won’t turn on. You have bought new chargers, tried replacing the battery but nothing helps. You know it may be something simple like a fuse, you have replaced fuses on appliances before and you know how easy it is, you open the box named “FUSE” pop the old one out, stick the new one in and voila, the microwave is working again, but what if the manufacturers decided to place that fuse on the logic or motherboard of the device? Worse, what if they decided to make it the size a rice grain and not even label it on the logic board? What if it was only a quarter of a rice grain? Tenth of a rice grain? That’s what we do. Check out the comparison of a rice grain and a capacitor on an iPhone 6.

On this MacBook Pro 2012 we have a bad fuse preventing current from going through the motherboard to power on the laptop.

You have your project on a flash drive and you accidentally broke the flash drive or it just stopped working. We can open the flash drive and repair it on microscopic level to extract the information. We have done it with flash drives, SD cards, solid state drives, and even the old mechanical hard drives.

Student had her thesis paper saved on her flash drive, we were able to recover her data from the flash drive in under 2 hours.

You own a proprietary piece of equipment, an expensive industrial printer, plotter, DJ equipment, drone, musical instrument, camera etc, and it broke down. You know exactly what the problem is, maybe a broken USB port, data port or a fuse, but there is no one out there with the skills or equipment who’d look at it. We do! We have done all of the above, including car ECU modules, LED lights, Speakers and many many other proprietary equipment.


This is a lab analysis machine that cost about $300,000 and makes about $3,000 a day. Only problem with the machine was a blown capacitor on the motherboard which was throwing off the lab results. We were able to easily replace the capacitor in under 3 hours.

We can do all of this and much more.