Getting a dim display or can seem to see the image on your iPhone after a screen replacement? It is possible the backlight circuit was damaged during repair. New and experienced technicians have gone through the dreaded damaged backlight. In some cases, many repair shops end up buying the customer a new phone. Or if someone takes it to a repair shop they are told that it can not be fixed and either has to buy a new phone or new motherboard. WRONG! Many motherboard issues like a damaged backlight circuit can be repaired by a skilled micro-soldering technician and by having the right equipment.

So How Exactly Does The Backlight Get Damaged?

The backlight can be damaged during a repair such as a screen replacement. When the screen is plugged in while the phone is on the backlight circuit can short a single component or several on the motherboard. It is common on iPhone 6s and newer iPhones, but can still happen to older iPhones. The image above  is an iPhone 6s Plus that was taken for a screen repair. During the screen installation, the screen circuit was hot. By hot meaning, there was current going through the backlight circuit. During installation, one of the filters, also known as a fuse, blew. When it blew it also damaged the pads where it was soldered to. That is why there is a wire running across the board to another component where the power comes from. Backlight circuit can also be damaged by a short somewhere else on the board and of course liquid damage.

How To Tell You Have A Damaged Backlight Circuit?

  • No light or dim display when the phone is on.
  • Screen backlight works on another phone
  • Noticeable damage such as a short
  • Liquid Damage near or around the screen connector