Have you recently noticed something wrong with your Ear Speaker? Is it not producing sound or is it hard to hear voices during phone calls? The Ear Speaker is one of the most important parts of a phone. Without it, you will need to use earbuds or have the phone on speaker during calls. As with the Loud Speaker of the phone, the ear speaker is used quite often so it could eventually stop working properly. The ear speaker may not be damaged, issues could come from software, hardware, or even just dirty.

If ear speaker problems are software related it could have been from a bad update or glitch. Many software issues can be fixed from home as long as you have a computer with iTunes. One thing to try if your sound doesn’t work it to soft reset the phone. You can do a quick search to find out how to soft reset your phone. If a soft reset doesn’t work, you can try to factory reset the phone. Make sure to create a Back Up before resorting making sure you have a copy of the information.

Hardware related issues can be a little more complicated. The Ear Speaker itself could be damaged or could be a connection issue. In iPhone and like other phones the Ear Speaker does not have a connector but makes contact with a Flex. So one issue could be the cable that it makes contact with. If the speaker is physically damaged, it can cause the speaker to stop working or begin to make static sounds. Or if the speaker doesn’t work at all and you have tried resetting the phone, it may need replacement. If the sound is distorted making it sound like static or scratching noises, the speaker will need to be replaced.

If you can hear the sound but doesn’t seem to be as loud as it was when you first bought the phone.  The Ear Speaker hole on the phone could be dirty. You can try cleaning the Ear Speaker hole with an old toothbrush. You can also use something small enough such as the tip of an Exacto knife to scrape away dirt. We offer to clean out the Ear Speaker hole at no charge so feel free to stop by.


Symptoms Of A Bad Ear Speaker:

  • No Sound (After Attempting Software Fixes)
  • Distorted Sound
  • Low Sound (After Cleaning)