Failing Front Camera and can’t take selfies? There could be a few reasons why your Front Camera has failed and could be Software or Hardware related. On iPhones, the Front Camera is on a Flex Cable and on many Androids its separate. The Flex Cable also has the Proximity Sensor, Front Mic, Light Sensor, and is where the Ear Speaker makes contact.

It is always a good idea to try some software fixes before getting the Front Camera replaced. The first thing to try is to soft reset the phone, sometimes the phone OS glitches. If soft resetting doesn’t work, you can try to restore the phone to factory settings. You will want to make sure to create a Back Up before factory resetting. If neither of these steps works then you may need to get the Front Camera Flex replaced.

If you recently had your screen replaced it’s possible that the Camera Flex was damaged during removal or not plugged back in properly. The Front Camera is transferred from the broken screen to the new screen to keep all original small parts. When pulling the Front Camera the flex cable could have been ripped causing it not to function. Another reason for the Front Camera not working could be that it may not have been plugged back in properly. If the screen was broken towards the top, the camera could have been damaged. Dropping or hitting the phone against hard surfaces can also damage the internal parts of the camera.

Symptoms of a Failing Front Camera:

  • Unable To Take Photos With The Front Camera
  • Picture Taken Look Fuzzy or Has Black Spots
  • Camera Fails To Open In The App