If you have recently dropped your phone and damaged the screen and are unsure of whether you need Glass Replacemnt or LCD Replacemnt not to worry. The Screen on all phones are essentially the same with a few exception here and there. On iPhones and Androids, the screen is made up of multiple layers. The three most important are Glass, Digitizer, and LCD. The Digitizer and LCD are essentially fused together so its really one layer, but we will explain why we count them as seperate layers. Many repair shops quote two prices, one for Glass Replacement and the other for Glass and LCD Replacement.

If you recently damaged the screen on your phone, but the phone still appears fully functional. Meaing that the Touch Function is working and the Display shows a clear image with no discoloration or lines, besides the cracks around the screen. Its more than likely that all you need is a Glass Replacement. For pricing to replace the screen on your phone please visit our Phone Repair Page.

I will briefly describe LCD Damage but can find more information on our post on LCD Damage. LCD damage will usually show colored spots around the screen or cause the screen to touch on its own or not function at all. In that case you will need Glass and LCD Replacement.

Symptoms For Glass Replacement:

  • Cracks across the screen
  • Clear image is displayed
  • Touch Function is working without any issues