Have you recently had your Charging Port or Battery replaced on your iPhone or iPad because of an issue with your device not charging? Fake charging or no charging can be a culprit of Charging IC Failure also known as U2. It could still be a faulty charging port or battery that can be causing the phone not to charge, but if you have tried at least 2 or 3 different parts it is more likely to be a bad u2.

The U2 is a small chip that is responsible for the actual charging function of the phone as well as other USB communication functions. Much like other iPhones as well as iPads, the U2 is prone to damage that can be caused by electrical surges, overheating, using non-approved charging blocks or poor quality charging cables.

The procedure for an iPhone repair on the U2 IC is a different topic altogether that involves expensive equipment and a basic knowledge of soldering.


Common symptoms for a faulty U2 include:

  • iPhone/iPad not indicating a charging sign when the phone is dead.
  • Fake charging, when the phone is on and cable plugged in shows charging symbol but the battery percentage does not change.
  • Random disconnects when connecting the iPhone/iPad to the computer.
  • Battery skips a huge percentage when discharging or discharging very fast. This issue can also be a faulty battery.

Preventive measures:

We recommend using a designated iPhone charger to avoid damaging the U2 on your device. Many cheap or knock-off Apple chargers and cables give unstable power supply to the phone causing spikes that lead to damage to the Charging IC. Car chargers can also give unstable electrical power while charging. We don’t recommend charging your phone in the car unless you really need to. Using a surge protector with your charger can help prevent power surges which will keep your Charging IC healthy.