Have you been looking for a PS4 HDMI Port Repair Service in your area? Well, look no further cause you have come to the right place. HDMI Ports on PS4s seem to be soldered on very poorly by factory since they often break. Customers that come have said they have broken their port when unplugging their console to take to friends homes. Other Customers have said that the console was dropped while plugged in. Either way, your port is broken and you need a new so what do you do?

We have successfully replaced hundreds of HDMI Ports on PS4s with at least a 90% success rate. Unsuccessful repairs can come from consoles with other issues such as liquid damage, prior repairs, or severe damage to the traces from the port breaking. We use brand new HDMI Ports that will last longer than the factory HDMI Port. We can replace these ports quickly and effectively to get you back in the game. And as part of the service, we remove old Thermal Paste, add some fresh Thermal Paste, and blow out the dust to help prevent overheating.

So how do you know if you really need to replace your HDMI port? If you plug in your console, power it on, but nothing showing on your TV This is one of the most common symptoms. Sometimes you can see the pins in the HDMI port that have been pushed back or bent. Broken pins can’t make a connection with the HDMI cable anymore. The only fix for these issues is to get the HDMI Port Replaced.


So How Do You Know If You Need A PS4 HDMI Port Repair:

  • If you plug in your console, power it on, but there is nothing showing on your TV (Most Common)
  • Seeing the pins in the port bent or broken
  • A static image on your TV after powering it on
  • The image goes in and out on your TV