Damaged FPC Connector again? Wondering what you are doing wrong? Don’t worry you are not alone. I have damaged a few iPad Mini 2nd Gen FPC connectors. Even though it didn’t really seem like it was  something I did wrong they still break. I have been unplugging and plugging in Screens the same way since I started doing repairs on iPad Mini 1’s. We noticed that many techs have also faced this issue on iPad Mini’s. Many changing the way they are unplugging the Screen only to find themselves still damaging the FPC Connector.

This is a very typical problem that happens with the iPad Mini’s. More so on the iPad Mini 2nd Gen that I have noticed and have replaced many FPC’s on. So don’t beat yourself up over it. The Digitizer connector is more or less just a weak connector that breaks easily. Most of the time you will notice that the pins are lifted up or broken off. The pins could be get stuck onto the Screen Connector and when unplugging the screen it is pulling the Pins from the Connector.

If you happen to have broken an FPC Connector on an iPad and wondering what to do? Don’t worry we offer FPC Connector repair service for iPad Mini. If you are local you can stop by our shop. If you are out of state you can use our Mail-In Service.

How Our Service Works

  • We diagnose the issue with your Apple Ipad Mini. if you are not sure if this repair service will fix your issue please contact us before sending us your device so we may assist you.
  • Use our Mail-In Service form to request a quote before shipping. If you are ok with the quote, package your device securely and ship to address listed on the Mail-In Service page.
  • Once we receive your device we will contact you via email/text (whichever preferred) letting your know we have your device. Most devices once received are shipped back within 24-48 hours. Once ship back we will contact you again via email/text with tracking number.
  • If you would like to have the FPC Connector replaced we ask that your iPad Mini power on to be worked on. If your iPad Mini does not power on when connected to a fully charged Battery or DC power supply the iPad Mini will be rejected and mailed back to you.